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This year Shalom College is 30 years old, and some former Shalom College residents have asked us to help them make contact with their old College friends. Shalom is therefore planning to establish  an Alumni Association, with the aim of giving ex-residents an opportunity to meet or network with their college mates. 
If there is sufficient interest, Shalom will organize a reunion to be held towards the end of 2003 or early in 2004. But first we must find our ex-residents! 
Can you help us?  If you once lived at Shalom College, or if you know someone who did, please email contact details
We are interested in: 
* Name during your time at Shalom 
* Name now (if different) 
* Email address 
* Mailing address 
* Home, work and mobile phone nos 
* A general indication of what you are doing now (e.g. accountant, school teacher)

Anne Sowey For the Shalom Alumni Association 


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