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Alumni association for the
Machon le'madrichim in Jerusalem .

The Alumni association is trying very hard to locate all the graduates from Australia 

Are you a graduate of the Machon Le'madrichim ?

The Institute for Jewish Leaders from Abroad was established in 1946 and has trained more then 11,000 students from all over the world since its
establishment .
If you are part of this great educational institute, and if you still have
great memories from your time at the Machon, join us .

The Machon Le'madrichim has recently established an Alumni association for the Machon Alumni in Israel and abroad .

The Alumni Association will be holding a first ever reunion for all Machon
graduates since 1946, in Jerusalem, Oct 23-26, 2003 .
Save the date !

For further information , and to join the Alumni Association, please contact
Anat Green - Ragen
Tel ; 00 -972-2-6216096
Fax ;00 -972-2-6216098
E mail ;


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